Wednesday, February 8, 2017

October Happenings

Well I was going to write about September since that's where I left off but apparently that wasn't in the cards because I have moved my pictures from September to earlier to an external hard drive. I am too lazy to go upstairs and get them plus it has a hard time opening on my Mac soooo October it is! Wonder what we did in September anyways, now I'm curious! I actually recall going down to Tybee Island the first week in September, that was fun :) Anyway, back to October.

Hadley's school had a fall Festival that James and I volunteered at. Fall was a fun time, mostly way too warm but what can ya do.

Halloween was fun and Hadley loved dressing up as the Evil Queen. It was a change from her usual every day princess costumes so I was all for it. We trick or treated in my sister's neighborhood but boy she has a lot of hills, we may do ours next year!

This was Hadley practicing her "evil" face since she was the Evil Queen and all

What's Fall without a pumpkin patch! We waited till way last minute because of how hot it was out and we hit the patch! Hadley had a blast as usual and loved the corn box. She could stay in there for hours. 

James free handed the pumpkins and I was Pinterest crafting the snacks. 

and a random from October, James was flying a trip and they stopped in Charleston- look who they ran into in the airport! (not the public side of the airport, where the private jets are) BILL MURRAY! James is a big fan and he texted me that he was there... I said it does not count unless you get a picture... he wasn't even going to! With my encouragement, he went back for it (along with a bunch of other crew members) and got the picture! I am sorry to say though, he was not as cool as reports say he is?! James said maybe he was just having a bad day.... I looked it up and he was just spotted at one of the World Series Cubs games (well the playoffs or something) so he should have been in a good mood! I think the next day he even gave away his tickets to someone, so maybe it was just an off day but either way, how cool is that! James is just living the dream :)

My next blog post, whenever that will be :) is going to be about Hadley's fancy Nancy 4th birthday party! Stay tuned, but please don't hold your breathe, that could end badly. 


  1. Bill Murray! How awesome. I always hear about him crashing weddings and bachelor parties. It stinks he wasn't what James expected.

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