Thursday, March 30, 2017

Hadley's fancy nancy birthday party and celebrations

 Hadley was super excited to turn 4 because we had so many fun activities planned! She is such a big girl and boy is she cute! Below on the right is her babyland excitement! More on that below.

We took Hadley and her cousins to see the fabulous Troll movie! Fun times were had by all!

We also threw her a family Fancy Nancy party! This girl LOVES being fancy!

We set the table all fancy, got pretty flowers, and had a blast!

We had a ton of accessories to dress up in

Even the adults got to participate

Hadley's two requirements for her birthday party..... cake and a "yatta" which is what she calls a piñata. So that's what she got. 

Family photo! 

We drove about an hour north and went to Cleveland, GA to go to Babyland! It's where cabbage patch babies are born! Take a look at the "hospital" and the North GA mountain view!

Even though it was November, they had all their Christmas decor set up. 

Cute kiddos having fun.

Here Hadley is as happy as can be with her new curly haired cabbage patch named Ellie!

We even got to see a "live birth"...... ha

Family photo with Ellie

This is the adoption center.... where she swore under oath to be a good mommy to her new baby girl. 

We had a fun time at babyland but don't plan on going unless you plan on buying a baby doll! Hadley had a great 4th birthday and now that it has been 4ish months since it has happened, I'm glad I got around to blogging about it. Have a great spring day!

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  1. Love babyland, what a great celebration it was!