Monday, August 22, 2016

This and that- highlights from summer

In the beginning of June, my niece Colette, and my cousin Owen, celebrated their birthdays together. They had a fun pineapple themed pool party and the decorations and fun didn't disappoint. Here's a picture below of Hadley with the birthday girl in their pineapple gear. 

We had such a fun time!

Later in the month, decided to have a fun day/evening at an outdoor mall area with James, me and Hadley. We took Hadley to see Angry birds and we all had the best of times. They had awesome reclining seats, but man were they expensive!! 

 Sometime in June we also took a trip to Sumter, SC to visit James' family. Below is a collage of highlights. James' mom has chickens and Hadley LOVED them.... not wanting to pet them too much but she thought they were pretty neat. We also decided to do a quick four generations picture of James with his dad, gpa, and Hadley in the bottom right.

Hadley also got her first official more than a trim haircut!! Her hair is just a giant knot most days. I can only brush it when wet after a bottle of conditioner is poured on there (not really but almost). So she agreed to help me out a little and get some cut off. She was such a big girl and sat all by herself. She also stayed nice and quiet while I got mine done.

Hadley's quite the little companion these days. There's not many places I can't take her, she can just tag along. Sorry for blog hiatus, life happens :)

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

May begins summer fun!

May was the end of Hadley's gymnastics lessons but the beginning of summer fun! 

Here's a first and last picture above. She's definitely taller! She just won't stop growing upward.

Hadley made herself some gal pals so we put on their exact leotards and recreated a picture we took. You can see how tight the leotards are on the bottom left. We were so lucky we met some great friends for hadley (and myself) on our random Tuesday morning class.

We also decided to visit the Atlanta zoo with Hadley's cousins. For some reason it was abnormally cool that May day. It was almost end of May, we wanted to get a trip in before school let out.

We also did a refresher swim lesson course and have spent lots of days at my sister's pool with cousins and more cousins. 

We've hit some playgrounds with gal pals before it got to be 100 degrees outside. 

This was actually the first pool we visited at my sister's husband's parent's (did you get all that?) club house pool in mid-May. Weather sure was nice in May but pool temperature was NOT ok to get in until end of June.

Kids had some fun bike riding days and lovely walking evenings. This is a pic of my sis with her kids and Hadley in my neighborhood. Max loves him some pjs.

We were right to get in a lot of outdoor activities in May because temperatures took a drastic and fast rise in June. Temps haven't been below 90 since then! (I am not sure that's accurate haha). I know I'm behind in blogging but I like reminiscing back a couple months to catch up.