Friday, October 21, 2016


August started Hadley's gymnastics again and of course the OLYMPICS! I enjoyed them immensely and figured we should get the USA leotard since it just made sense! She looked adorable as usual. We're really trying to perfect the cartwheel, she's almost there. Olympics here she comes!

We hit up the only sky zone toddler time we can attend this year due to hadley being in school starting September. Everybody and their literal mothers, brothers, neighbors and friends were there, too. Here is our little crew. They had a blast.

bouncing away

I thought this picture was funny. Maddie's on the desk looking out the window. It seems that Bella is like why on earth are you on this desk with me, you're not a cat.

Well had to show this picture and document our first attempt at a sleepover with cousins.... It seems by the picture that it went well, it had so much potential..... Nobody would sleep, coco was crying at times and it was becoming really late. I threw the towel in and had to call mom to pick them up.... sound familiar huh? haha maybe when they're older. Hadley even wanted them to go, it was strange, the minute they left the room, hadley was asleep.....

this was us having fun before the sleepover. 

Hadley and I attended our first baseball game together in August as well. All of my immediate family was out of town and James was off working. I got an email about my college alumni night (discounted tickets) and this was our local baseball team 10 minutes down the road. They just so happened to be playing my hometown team of Rochester, Ny that night! It was fate, we had to go! 

Hadley had the BEST time. She barely noticed they were playing a baseball game because she was too busy people watching and eating. She did notice the mascot "chomper" as she calls him. She was determined to find him and ran up to get a picture with him. Chopper is still talked about and this was months ago.

Seems like we had an event filled August. I promise James was home for some of it, wasn't he? We did manage to get in a 3 day beach trip at the very end of it that I will feature next time. We went to Tybee Island, GA (outside of Savannah) and of course had to stop at my college on the way back home. We had fun mixing and mingling with the college co-eds in the book store and student union. They all loved Hadley, it's not every day you see a child on campus. Go Eagles!

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

4th of July festivities!

 Chris and Marla came to visit over the long weekend of 4th of July. We hit a HOT farmers market up so the kids went straight to the fountains. Uncle Chris got most of them to go right through the middle of the huge one.... mainly while he ran through with them.

 lots of nice greenery at the town center as well, but boy was it a hot one.

We had a more low key 4th of July celebration with family and also caught some town fireworks as well.
 Here's our patriotic family of 3. We really look the part!

Grainy pic of us 3 at the fireworks show

Someone's anxiously waiting!

just chillin

Here are the cute cousins in their patriotic gear. Owen, Hadley, Coco, and Max.

We also took in a pool day because again it was a scorcher of a weekend.

The ladies all snuck away for a mostly air conditioned nice event of wine tasting at our semi-local winery, Chateau Elan. They generously pour always and have a nice spread of wines to try. 

Here's the big group at the winery. My cousin Karen wanted to experience the outside and we lasted about five minutes. 

Had to save this picture for last of my sweet niece Coco. She was ready for the neighborhood fireworks with all her proactive gear! Safety first Coco bean.